Food And Beverage Service

Food and Beverage

The Food & Beverage Service program is an immersive 1-year course designed to provide students with comprehensive training in various aspects of the hospitality industry, focusing on fine dining operations, bar mixology, wine sommelier skills, basic coffee knowledge, and banquet operation. Through a combination of theoretical lessons, hands-on training, and real-world experiences, students will develop the necessary skills and expertise to excel in the dynamic field of food and beverage service.

Course Structure

The program is divided into four quarters, each offering a unique set of courses that build a solid foundation in food and beverage service. The curriculum combines practical training, theoretical knowledge, and experiential learning to ensure a well-rounded education.

Q1 : Fine Dining
  • Introduction to the world of fine dining
  • Understanding the principles of exceptional customer service
  • Restaurant etiquette and table setup
  • Menu knowledge and wine pairing
  • Introduction to Western-style cuisine and culinary techniques

Q2 : Bar Mixology and
Wine Sommelier Skills

  • Art of mixology: classic and contemporary cocktail techniques
  • Understanding different spirits, liqueurs, and bitters
  • Wine appreciation: varietals, regions, and wine service techniques
  • Wine pairing with different cuisines and dishes
  • Developing a comprehensive knowledge of beverages and their presentation
Q3 : Basic Coffee
  • Introduction to the history and origins of coffee
  • Understanding different coffee beans, roasts, and brewing methods
  • Barista techniques and espresso preparation
  • Latte art and specialty coffee beverages
  • Coffee service etiquette and customer interaction
Q4 : Banquet Operation
  • Introduction to banquet and event management
  • Planning and executing large-scale events, weddings, and corporate functions
  • Effective communication and teamwork in banquet service
  • Banquet setup, service styles, and buffet management
  • Managing guest expectations and providing exceptional service in a banquet setting
  • Throughout the program, students will have access to simulated fine dining restaurants, fully equipped bar stations, specialty coffee labs, and banquet facilities to gain hands-on experience. They will learn from experienced industry professionals who will guide and mentor them throughout their learning journey.

Upon successful completion of the Food & Beverage Service program, students will possess a diverse skill set, enabling them to pursue careers in various sectors of the hospitality industry. They can work in high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, bars, cafes, and banquet venues. Additionally, they will receive a recognized certificate, showcasing their mastery of food and beverage service skills.
Embark on an exciting journey in the world of food and beverage service, where you will master the art of fine dining operations, become skilled in mixology and wine pairing, acquire the knowledge of coffee, and learn the intricacies of banquet operations. Join us and prepare yourself for a rewarding career in the dynamic hospitality industry.