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Reine des Mers

Reine des Mers Culinary and Hospitality Training Center are born in the
needs of professional hotelier that ready to be on board working with our host principals that renowned for.

Here at RdM Culinary and Hospitality Training Center we are committed
to delivered the training and coaching to all candidates to be ready in 3
aspects which are:

English Proficiency

Cruise Ship Knowledge

Technical Skill & Knowledge

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Our Process


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Student Enrollment

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Training Program

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Academic & Practical Test

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Career Center

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Strategic Business Unit

Reine des Mers is a Strategic Business Unit of PT. Ratu Oceania Raya that focuses on creating a supply of well-trained man power to be ready for job placement in Principal’s networking. Hospitality training center is a needs of Ratu Oceania Raya for improving the profile of the candidates for the principals. Our program are engaging with the whole operation of Ratu Oceania Raya in terms of policy and procedures and also for technical assistant. Our program is under a Learning & Development Division that can be enlarge for a bigger future purpose.

Our History

Officially introduced on 23rd of February 2023 together with PT. Ratu
Oceania Raya we are committed to open our doors to all students from
any background that have a strong will to pursue their future to become
a professional hotelier in the future.

Our Program
in 2023

Our programs are tailored to the needs of specific
demand on principal’s requirements:

Regular Class

(Culinary Art Training Course)

  • Fresh Graduate from High School or
    Vocational School.
  • Non-Experience

Executive Program

(Cook & CDP Training Course)

  • Experience from hotel/cruise ship minimum 1 year
  • Cook Assistant & Chef de Partie Assistant Position