PPDB Information

  1. Register to Reine des Mers PMB
  2. Fill all form to create an account
  3. Verification your account from your registered email.
  4. After your account is verified, log in to Reine Des Mers PMB using your registered email dan phone number.
  5. Fill out the form and upload the document.
  6. Update your profile picture to formal picture with red or blue background.
  7. Wait for Reine des Mers Team to do verification with your data.
  8. If verification is succeed, Reine des Mers Team will contact you for Academic Interview.
  9. After you pass the Academic Interview, you required to pay the registration fee for joining Reine Des Mers Training Center.
  10. Wait for update from Reine Des Mers Team, we will contact you for any update coming.


General Requirements
  1. Graduate from High School or Vocational School or Equals
  2. Fill the registration form on Reine des Mers PMB
  3. Fill the required documents.
  4. Follow all the selection phase.
Spesific Requirements
A. Regular Class
  1. Graduate from High School or Vocational School or Equals (Non-Expriences)
  2. 18 – 28 Years old.
B. Executive Class
  1. Experiences from 5 Star Hotel/Cruise Ship/Restaurants Minimum 1 Year Experiences.
  2. Applying for the last positions in Culinary, Food & Beverages Service.
  3. 21 – 28 Years old.